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Young Euro Connect 2011

"European Blind Dates"

Young successful managers who are socially committed … Four young authors who set out to find more about them! What motivates them to their “Responsible Leadership”, to their demand to also live their commitment in their professional lives? This year young authors and journalists from Germany, the Ukraine, Poland and Denmark will engage themselves into this and other questions concerning the social commitment of today’s young leadership elite. The young authors, who are successful writers in their home countries, will spend several days together with the young managers. Their impressions and experiences will become literary texts that will bring the audience and the young decision makers closer together!

Editor Karsten Kammholz (Germany) meets Swiss manager Oliver Karius. Polish journalist Witold Szablowski meets Georgian national Irakli Absandze. Irakli is himself a journalist with a number of roles including that of director of a non-profit organization in Poti (Georgia). Ukrainian journalist and writer Tanya Malyarchuk meets Turkish-German film director Züli Aladag, and Danish national Line-Maria Lång spends a few days with Miguel Alves Martins - the Portuguese managing director of IES (Institute for the Promotion and Development of Social Entrepreneurship )- All the young managers are active within the “Young Leaders” network set up by the BMW Stiftung Herbert Quandt. We are very much looking forward to read the work that is inspired by these “blind dates”.

The texts will be recited by the renowned actors Isabel Schosnig and Henning Vogt at „Young Euro Connect“ on 4 August at 8 p.m. 20 in the Konzerthaus Berlin. Stephan-Andreas Casdorff, editor-in-chief of the "Tagesspiegel", will be the moderator for the evening.

Tickets: 8 € plus advance booking fee

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The Authors 2011 Young Leaders 2011
Karsten Kammholz - Germany
Line-Maria Lång - Denmark
Tanya Malyarchuk - Ukraine
Witold Szablowski - Poland
Oliver Karius - Switzerland
Miguel Alves Martins - Portugal
Züli Aladag - Germany
Irakli Absandze - Georgia
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